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Submitted on
November 28, 2013
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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 28, 2013, 5:40 PM

First of all thankyou to everyone who entered the contest, there we so many fantastic entries and we had a real hard time choosing the winners.  It was
really amazing and an honour to see my character drawn by so many people and in so many different styles.  

... Speech Bubble by socksyy  Judges 

:iconeverglaves: :iconsprucie: 

... Speech Bubble by socksyy  First Place ---> :iconxadako:

CE: Ophia by xadako

This entry really stood out for us, it was clear from looking at it that the artist really considered Ophia's story when creating their entry.  We loved the contrast between the 
warmness of the colours and Ophia's sadness and body language.  The background is really what caught my eye's and we loved how the windows gave a caged bird feel to the atmosphere. 

:bulletwhite:  3 Month Premium Membership or 636 :points: | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  Full Body of OC  | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  200 :points: | FionaCanajART
:bulletwhite:  100 :points: | Yunarii
:bulletwhite:  Full Body of OC | Zsketcher
:bulletwhite:  Full Body + llama | Tophlee
:bulletwhite:  Full Body of OC | Sikari888
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | dathie
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | HynoriStarlest
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | Maki-chii
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | AiriDumplings
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | Anzoul
:bulletwhite: Half Body | ChibiGirl10
:bulletwhite:  Fuwa Chibi | pindanglicious
:bulletwhite:  Chibi | Sachii-chan
:bulletwhite:  Bust up | sapphyst
:bulletwhite:  Pixel Icon | Kunniki
:bulletwhite:  3 Commissions Kanadesonya

... Speech Bubble by socksyy  Second Place ---> :iconbluefly-shi:

CE: Sleeping Bird : Ohpia Dumont by BlueFly-shi

Both Sprucie and I loved the concept behind this drawing and the dramatic lighting in the piece really helped bring it to life.  The use of colours in this really 
complimented Ophia's colour palette and we could really feel that the artist tried to understand Ophia's life.

:bulletwhite:  1 Month Premium Membership or 396 :points: | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  Half Body of OC | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  Full Body + llama | Tophlee
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | AiriDumplings
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | HynoriStarlest
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | Anzoul
:bulletwhite:  Mono Chibi | Sachii-chan
:bulletwhite:  Fuwa Chibi | pindanglicious
:bulletwhite:  Chibi | dathie
:bulletwhite:  Chibi | Maki-chii
:bulletwhite:  Bust up | sapphyst
:bulletwhite:  2 Commissions Kanadesonya

... Speech Bubble by socksyy  Third Place ---> :iconek9000:

Ophia -contest- by EK9000

Probably one of my personal favourite entries in the contest, the artist really nailed Ophia's character and the composition is gorgeous.  Both Sprucie and I loved how the artist transitioned the 
different seasons into the artwork.  Her veil becoming winter, the bottom of her winter dress becomes a cloudy sky and so on.

:bulletwhite:  1 Month Premium Membership or 396 :points: | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  Chibi of OC | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  Full Body + llama | Tophlee
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | HynoriStarlest
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | Anzoul
:bulletwhite:  Fuwa Chibi | pindanglicious
:bulletwhite:  Chibi | Maki-chii
:bulletwhite:  Bust up | sapphyst
:bulletwhite:  Coloured sketch | dathie
:bulletwhite:  1 Commissions Kanadesonya

... Speech Bubble by socksyy  Random Draw ---> :iconsnbx182:

Ophia contest by SNBX182

This entry is absolutely adorable, I can see the artist has put allot of heart into their entry and I can really feel it.  Both Ophia's and Nana are really cute in this.  
Congratulations. :heart:

:bulletwhite:  100 :points: + Half Body of OC  | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  Full Body + llama | Tophlee
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | Anzoul
:bulletwhite:  Bust up | sapphyst
:bulletwhite:  Chibi | MikoyanAmestru
:bulletwhite:  2 Commissions Kanadesonya

... Speech Bubble by socksyy  Special Places
One winner will be selected for each of the following special categories, please note that if you have already received a main place then you cannot win a special place.

:bulletwhite:  100 :points: + Monochrome of OC | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  Half Body | Anzoul
:bulletwhite:  Bust up | sapphyst

:bulletwhite:  Best Character Emotion  ---> :iconinkdrawndreamer:

.:Happier Times:. by InkDrawnDreamer

Their were so many great entries that showed fantastic character emotion and we really struggled to decided.  What we really loved about this entry was how much thought the 
artist put into Ophia's backstory and we loved the contrast between her happier memories and her present situation. 

:bulletwhite:  Best Background ---> :iconumsaynaia:

After the storm - Ophia Contest by umsaYnaia 

Overall this is a very well done piece.  We really loved how Ophia feels integrated in the environment which looks amazing and I really feel the fantasy and magic of it.  The 
birds were a gorgeous addition and really complimented Ophia's colour palette. 

:bulletwhite:  Most Unique ---> :iconbaflee: 

Before A Sleep by Baflee

Another really hard place to decide as there were so many amazing and different styles.  What made this one stand out was the fact that the artist used little to no shading yet this is 
probably one of the most pretty pieces to look at.  This really impressed us along with the beautiful colour choices and the love and interaction between Ophia and Nana.

:bulletwhite:  Cutest Artwork ---> :iconfafeapplepie:
Ophia : Drawing contest by Fafeapplepie
Gosh there were so many cute entries and after some deliberation we finally decided on this adorable piece.  The "Kawaii" style and petiteness of Ophia really caught our eyes along with 
how well the artist handled Ophia's colour palette.  Nana also looks really cute in this and we loved how she is looking up at Ophia. 

... Speech Bubble by socksyy  Honourable Mentions 

:bulletwhite:  100 :points: + Monochrome of OC | Everglaves
:bulletwhite:  Half Body + Llama | tigabelle

:bulletwhite:  Favourite Nana ---> :iconbunnytsu:

CONTEST: Ophia by bunnytsu 
This entries Nana really stood out for us, we adorable how soft, gentle and shy she looks and we can really feel her love for Ophia in this. 

:bulletwhite:  Favourite Main Outfit ---> :iconmississmith:

Escape by MissisSmith 
We really loved the atmosphere of this everything in it lean you towards the characters emotions.  We really loved the style and I really liked the fact she was not wearing her token crown.

:bulletwhite:  Favourite Wedding Dress ---> :iconcsyc: and :iconwayang1014:

Contest Entry: Ophia by csyc  Ophia by Wayang1014  
In the end we were unable to decide between these two entries.  Both were stunning and Ophia looks gorgeous in her Wedding dress.

:bulletwhite:  Favourite Sleepwear ---> :iconhimechui:

Contest Entry - Ophia by Himechui
This is really beautiful and showed off her outfit very well.  Ophia looks like she's in a dreamscape and the background is gorgeous and really complimented her colour scheme.

:bulletwhite:  Favourite Winter Wear ---> :iconatsuky:

Ophia and shama enjoying the snow by Atsuky
Super cute entry with a lovely unique face style, we loved Nana and Ophia looks like shes enjoying the winter air.

... Speech Bubble by socksyy Current Entries --->…


:iconzsketcher: :iconfionacanajart: :iconairidumplings: :icondathie: :iconhynoristarlest: :iconmaki-chii: :icontophlee: :iconsapphyst: :iconyunarii: :iconsikari888: :iconsachii-chan: :iconkunniki: :iconpindanglicious: :iconanzoul: :iconmikoyanamestru: :icontigabelle: :iconkanadesonya: :iconchibigirl10:

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RCS615615 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thanks for letting me participate in the challenge!:) Ill improve even more for the next one!
umsaYnaia Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014   Digital Artist
That was fast... Congratulations to all and thanks for letting me participate. Thanks for everything! 
Everglaves Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It was, :iconsprucie: happened to be staying over at my house the night the contest ended so 
we were able to judge it the next morning. 
lilbuc90 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
Congrats to everyone ^-^
xLilithOfSpitex Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
CONGRATS EVERYONE!! <33 This was alot of fun~~
InkDrawnDreamer Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you very much for the honorable mention. Congratulations to every winner, and I hope that everybody is happy with their entries.
Atsuky Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the honourable mention and congratulations to the winners! c:
ChibiMonga0211 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats to all those who won!!!
Aurelio251 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations to those winners. I hope you all have fun. 
Keintial Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Student Filmographer
Congrats to all the winners! ^^
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